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Always Home

Always Home

Book of Poetry
by Jill Rothman


Through storms and lulls, my life and poems are often about gratitude. This book holds some of my favorites. “…Be the path narrow, wide, crooked, straight, I am ever on it, never lost, never alone, eternally welcome, always Home.”

My Masterpiece

I would have liked to have written,
“I Love You”
across the sky,
but I ran out of energy, and funds
for flight school,
and, anyway,
couldn’t send an invitation timed right,
so You’d look up at
just the moment.

I would have liked to have painted
a masterpiece.
Instead, the paintings were my best effort
and many will fade, like me,
because, at first, I didn’t know
to buy artist-quality paints,

I would have liked to have finished
more of the thousand songs inside my head,
but they will have to find some other portal.

I hope I did what I came to do.

I know I have loved hard.
made colossal space for everyone else
and saw such beauty in each person I knew,
even though I couldn’t always see my own
or take the space I needed.

Whenever you want,
maybe you can imagine,
“I Love You”,
written in cursive across the sky
and watch it grow until it disappears.

Know that I was here, for a while,
and I Loved You.

No matter what I couldn’t do,
I did Love You.

10/22/18 Jill Rothman

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