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Wearing The Corona

Wearing The Corona

Book of Poetry
by Jill Rothman


In the Covid days, I have reached for sense and light in this, the new reality. Even humor makes appearances. There is comfort in writing these poems. Many readers have said they feel uplifted. May you feel that, too.

Quarantine Accomplishments Listed Because I Am Easily Amused And Proud Of It

- Took a backwards walk. No I was not walking backwards . I just reversed the walk. Felt like The Camino instead of the usual Hood.
- Counted all the dandelions on the walk and pretended I was on a long car trip looking for license plates from every state. Lost count when I started thinking of all the wishes the dandelion seeds could grant. Note to Self: Meditate more often.
- Tried to count two lips. There were none. Next time tulips.
- Speaking of that, on my walk I noticed a playing T.V. through a window and watched for a bit trying to learn to read lips. So much time for study.
- Learning French, not the conversational kind, of course.
- Ate an apple upside down, not me, the apple.
- Saw a spider in my house and instead of capturing her in a jar for release, invited her to stay. Offered tea. She declined.
- Will continue to rub my calves together 6 times each day. I have not yet made a sound like a cricket. There is still time and time to be still, too.
- Now hold the record for the least showers and the least times flossing. I must be a champion because, I break the record every day.
- Another milestone, clicked a pen so many times it broke. There are plenty more pens in this house. Thought about why there are so many pens in this house. Will put that on the growing list of things to obsess about. Note to Self: Meditate more often.
- Getting down to the mystery foods at the back of the freezer. Quelle surprise. Ah that French comes in handy.
- Learning to say Nursery Rhymes backwards, me, not them.
- I don’t know why I have so many calendars but they re coming in handy. After losing a day and hyperventilating over it, I put them all over the house. It is amazing and amusing how many times I can be surprised it is Tuesday, not Monday.
- Someone smarter than me and more tech savvy, started finding everyone in our sixth grade class, from oh so many years ago. Getting to know them again is like a trip to the library, which I do miss. Each life a novel.
- Etc.

4/23/20 Jill Rothman

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